Campus Photos
Entrance to Berry Academy - 1966
Entrance to Mountain Campus - 2006
The Old Mill
The Fire Tower on
Lavendar Mountain
Possum Trot
Sheep Grazing on the Frost Chapel Lawn
Frost Chapel
Frost Chapel at Night
Frost Chapel Interior
The Berry Deer
Hill Dining Hall - 1968
Hill Dining Hall - 2002
Victory Lake - circa 1965
Victory Lake on the College campus no longer exists
Mirror Lake
Barstow Library
Hamrick Hall
a.k.a "The Recitation Hall"
Friendship Hall
Pilgrim Hall
The House O' Dreams
The House O' Dreams and Tower
Meacham Hall
The Berry Swans
The Reservoir
The Dairy
Backside of the Berry Dairy
View from dairy looking southwest toward Garden Lakes in west Rome.
Dairy Calves
The Normandy Barns and Apartments
The Martha Berry Museum at Oak Hill
Gate of Opportunity - 1935
Keown Gym
Graduation Day