Pictures From 2004
Berry Academy Reunion
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Can you find THREE Jims in this picture?

Yes. There is Jim Robison and Jim Kendrick and Jim Beam. Mr. Beam is in the red cup.

Check out "Mr. Cross Country", Derrell Snare. Derrell lives in Virginia.

Do you recognize Harold Reeves from the Class of 1968? And how about the "Sugar Bear" himself, Neal Featherston, Class of '70?

Harold lives in Midway, GA and Sugar Bear still lives in Rome.

Mike Farr, class of '70, drove all the way from Garden Lakes to attend the reunion with his lovely wife Pam.

That's Wesley Jones, another Class of '70 grad and a new resident of Pensacola, in the background.

Ted Touchstone, conservationist and weekend radio talk show host in Rome, chats with David Campbell, successful entrepreneur from Alpharetta.