Those in attendance for the 1999 reunion were: Heath Vaughn, Brad Wall, Jerry Cadle, Rodney Eldredge, Jimmy Kendrick, Jack Pigott, Ted Touchstone, and Mark Sessions.

Ted Touchstone and Jimmy Kendrick mug for the camera. That's Brad Wall in the background on the far right.

Others who joined us were Frank Garrett '70, Frank Dyke '68, and Mike Keith '70. I'll let you figure out which ones they are. Also attending were Stanley Geraldson '70 and Wesley Jones '70. Check out their pictures farther down this page.

The Saturday morning campus tour included the Old Mill.

Could anyone doubt that this is the Grasshopper a.k.a. Stanley Geraldson?

A Saturday morning visit to Frost Chapel brought back a lot of memories. Do you remember Herbie the organ player?

This is either Rodney Eldredge trying to make a point or it is the Boston Strangler. You decide.

It was a tremendous treat to have Coach Thornton and Mrs. Thornton join us for dinner and the reception on Friday night. Don't they look great!!!

Wesley Jones '70 strikes a confident pose, much like he did after pitching a shutout on the baseball team way back when. In the background are Jimmy Kendrick, Brad Wall and Frank Dyke '68.

Rodney Eldredge and Mark Sessions were caught scheming up something. Since both were drivers in our Berry days, it probably had something to do with hijacking the Berry bus or a campus Carryall.

Brad Wall gave a speech on proper etiquette at reunion parties. (Just kidding.) Farmer seems uninterested and Jimmy Kendrick is riveted to every word Brad had to say.

Frank, Mike and Frank. What a set of bookends! Hmmm???

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