In Memoriam
Peter Marshall Jordan
Class of 1975
                                       (Reprinted from the Rome News-Tribune.)
‘Running man’ Jordan dies at age 52
by Severo Avila

Peter Marshall Jordan was undoubtedly one of Rome’s most well-known

But most people only knew him as the “running man,” sporting a pair of
shorts, jet black hair, a tan and a friendly smile while running all over the city.

Jordan, it turns out, was much more than just a runner. Eccentric? Perhaps.
Unique? Certainly.

But to those who knew him, he was a devoted, compassionate friend and
brother. And he possessed a depth of character that many overlooked.

Jordan died at his home Tuesday. He was 52.

His sister Jodi Jordan said she spoke to him every day, and she’ll remember
most his generous spirit and devotion to his mother.

“He was the most loving brother,” she said. “I can’t tell you how kind and
wonderful he was to my mom, who passed away two years ago. He was her
primary caregiver, and he was completely devoted to her.”

Jodi said Jordan volunteered at the Hosea Feed the Hungry Shelter for more
and families.

Jordan was born in Douglas, but the family moved to Rome where he and his
three brothers as well as Jodi attended Berry Academy.

He excelled at basketball while at Berry, being named to the Rome Area All-
Star Team as well as the Prep All-American Team.

Bill Thornton was the boy’s basketball coach at Berry Academy at the time.
He had since maintained a close friendship with Jordan.

“All his life he called me coach,” Thornton said. “Some people say he’s a little
strange. But I say ‘I’ll tell you about Peter.’ He was a devout Catholic, never
missed church. He also served in the Army for two years. And until his
mother died, he was her sole caregiver. He had a remarkable devotion to
God, family and country.”

Thornton said he and Jordan were very close and he hoped Rome residents
had gotten to know Jordan as he did. “He was a very unique guy,” Thornton
said. “He loved to run, and he was very, very loyal. He’d say ‘Coach, I
appreciate all you did for me and my family. When you get old you won’t
have to go to a nursing home cause I’m gonna look after you.’”

Jodi Jordan said her brother loved Rome and felt completely connected in
the community.

“He used to say that he knew every part of Rome and always told me that he
felt so connected to everyone through his running. He loved that community.
I hope people know what a wonderful guy he was. The world is a quieter
place without him.”

Jordan is survived by his sister Jodi and brothers Jonathan and James.
Peter Marshall Jordan
Peter Marshall Jordan died unexpectedly on June 15, 2010. He was
found in his home unresponsive. Peter Marshall was one of Berry's great
basketball players, averaging 25.1 points per game his senior year, the
second highest scoring average in school history. Peter Marshall was also
an avid runner, attempting and completing many running challenges. One
such event occurred when he ran 100 miles in a 24-hour period in
August of 1983. You can read a nice article about Peter Marshall from
the Rome News-Tribune below.